Hypnosis – Sleep or Meditation

Seagull flying effortlessly through the sky.

Do you have trouble sleeping?  Perhaps you want to add meditation into your life, but you have trouble settling your mind enough to really enjoy the experience.  If so, I think we might be able to assist you.

The following audio recording was designed to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation.  There is no hidden subliminal suggestion, other than to be happy, believe in yourself, and enjoy your day. 

If you enjoyed this audio recording, please share it with everyone you know, and consider making a contribution to our efforts.  We are happy to make “custom” hypnosis recordings to help you with personal or emotional issues you are dealing with.  

Episode 8 : Marissa Grondin – Healing After Tragedy

Luna & Marissa

On episode eight of the Shizdiggity podcast Rea & Al welcome their second special guest, Marissa Grondin. Marissa Grondin is a Calgary based artist focusing on combining elements of esoteric energy healing and the natural world. As a Shamanic healer trained in the art of Reike and Angelic healing modalities, it is her goal to initiate the transformative healing process of the viewer through art. Her work begs you to ask questions of what lies beyond the physical world, and beckons you to look a little deeper. Marissa shares with us a tragic story of an accident involving a car, her dog Luna, and herself and how after some time she was able to move past her fears and focus on growth and healing. Marissa and her beautiful art work can be found on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/marissco. Please Be sure to share this episode with your family and friends, and please give us a rating on iTunes or Google Play.