There comes a time in your life when you are ready to change


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Above all, you need to learn how to be happy because, after all. That is why you are here on this planet!



What is holding you back? How do you achieve new levels of wealth? Tune in to the show and find out!

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Listen to the show and learn how to find TRUE love.



Think there is a secret to long life? Tune in and learn about things you can do to extend your life span.

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We are here to help you be happy
Let Our Knowledge & Experience Help Guide You To A Better Life

Honestly folks, we have both spent our lives learning, living and experiencing everything from the very bad to the very good. Along the way we have discovered so much and we want to share.

You have already tried everything else and it has not worked. Perhaps it is now time for you to open your mind and see what you have been missing.

At the very least, you know that common sense is not all that common. We may have just the piece of knowledge that you need to completely turn your life around.

What have you got to lose? Listen now, and if you like what you hear, give us a rating on the iTunes store or the Google Play store. We would really appreciate it!

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Your Hosts

We do what we do just for you

Al Del Degan

Al is a philosopher, creative soul and Master NLP Practitioner. Al has been podcasting for several years and has been helping people his entire life.

Rea Hailley

Rea is a self-described polite rebel with a super power to help others be happier. Rea is a Master NLP and EFT Practitioner.

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